To the Beach I say….

We are headed to the Beach…where they live by the sun rising and setting each day….where the atmosphere is conducive to creativity and harmony with nature..there is something so healing about the water…we all need a simpler and easier way, it (the path) is before us, and we must just take that baby step to accept good things into our lives, and create our happiness in this moment.  Hope may just be the concept we are all needing to get us to the next day.  Some path or avenue to nudge us into the realization of greatness that is just around the corner. If it seems you are always waiting for someone to take the lead, and then wondering why you are not going anywhere,remember this: FEAR IS THE ONLY THING THAT TRULY STOPS US DEAD IN OUR TRACKS. When your brakes are on, feet firmly planted,,,dredging troughs behind you…it is no have to find that inspiration, dig deep and really want it for yourself, know that you deserve it, acknowledge your fears, knowing fear is truly the ONLY thing that stops us.


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