The Unconditional Condition

From today forward, I will love, live and accept MYSELF and OTHERS,  UNCONDITIONALLY.  It always seems I am trying to hit the reset button…to start over, looking somewhere or to someone to make ME better, my life better, more fulfilling, more meaningful.  I keep forgetting the number ONE rule is that it has to come from WITHIN…and we are most happy when we can just BE.  As my sister put it to me, ” the authentic you is what you are after. Not what anyone else thinks of you, or who you are.” an it occurred to me, that was exactly right.  I am always so caught up in the result of my action affecting my relationship with another, that I would just rather not do at all.  This passive aggressive approach is exactly what I abhor about certain people and must change my thinking, and my actions as a result.  ” You cannot get caught up in the outcome, you have no control over how others receive your intentions, only that we be the person we want to be”   ” Be who you are and let it be enough”

Thank you dearest sister for the Inspiration and wisdom for this post!!


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