The Power of “NO”

Think of the word “No” for a few seconds….

Did you have any positive feelings or thoughts associated to that word?  Have you ever noticed how we automatically have a negative attachment to the word “No”?  “NO” you didn’t get the job you wanted, “NO” you didn’t get the raise you requested, “NO” you can’t do that….we’ve all heard the thunder of “NO”. One of the greatest freedoms I have found is being able to make proper use of the word “NO”. Its very difficult because of how we always relate it to those negative feelings that we have.  We spend day after day bogging ourselves down with requests that we cant fulfill…all because we are afraid to say no. We don’t want to hurt anyones feelings, disappoint anyone, or we definitely wouldn’t want anyone “to think bad of me”.   A few years ago, I found myself so mentally drained that it began making physically sick! I had enough!  I began to use “No” in my favor. With five children and very stressful job, I realized: I can make myself happy OR continue to worry over what others might think and keep chasing an unobtainable goal. I chose the first option.  “NO” I can not drag 5 children to a party after driving an hour home from work….but I will send a gift.  “NO” I can not spend all weekend baking to contribute to the bake sale at my kids school….but I will send some flour, chocolate chips, etc.  “NO” I will not be able to –insert whatever you get requests for most often–but I CAN do—what ever fits your time schedule—  This concept has worked wonders for me. I and my family are much happier because I’m not running around like a lunatic trying to attend to everyone else’s “needs”. I am learning to be kind to myself and in turn am more kind to others. 

Contributing Editor……Bambi Powell


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