How About Happy New…Day???

Ok, so I have never been known for my political correctness. I blame it on my good ol’ Southern roots. I am very proud to be a “Bama Belle” born and raised. We believe in second chances, saying bless your heart, and that there “ain’t” nothing (yes that IS a real word) that your momma’s chicken-n-dumplins and sweet tea can’t fix. From a scraped knee to a broken heart, those two things can mend the world. (and thats the truth as sure as I’m sittin here!)  We do things a little slower here in the South.  With that said, I started thinking about all the nostalgia behind New Year’s.  All the resolutions from weight loss, smoking cessation, more exercise, less junk food…and all this gets decided for the whole year in ONE day??!!  For Pete’s sake!!! (If you don’t know Pete then just find you a good ol Southerner and they will introduce you) Wheeeew…stresses me out!!  So you know what I will be resolving for this year?  NOTHING!  What I will do is be happy TODAY. One of my favorite passages from one of my favorite books says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has its own worries.  Matthew 6:34”  Today I will be happy. Today I will eat some black eyed peas and greens cause that’s just what we do here. Today I will watch the best team on earth play football (Roll Tide) cause we do that here too (and if by some chance you don’t, well…it’s gonna take more than me to bless your heart!) and I am going to love spending the day with my family. THAT’S IT!!  As for everything else…well, as one of my favorite Southern ladies says it best: “I’ll worry bout that tomorrow”–Scarlett O’Hara

Happy New Day everyone…and every one that follows tomorrow. : )

Contributing Editor:  Bambi Powell 



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