The impact our words have on others….

We can do anything we set our mind to, but without the encouragement and support from others in our circle, we would not be able to take that first step to set the new path in motion.  We all can think of a time when a simple smile or positive reinforcement caused us to look up and take that step forward to a better day ahead.   Many times we have no idea the impact we have on others.  Most of us say things to others, off the cuff, not thinking a thing of how it could impact the other person, or people it is directed to.  It may be a simple thought, as we are going through our day, a smile as you pass by, or a long dissertation solicited from a close friend.  We need to remember we must be mindful in each of these situations, and take care in our words of encouragement, advise and opinions.  We never know what another person is experiencing that affects their perception of our best intentions.  After all, we are masters of our Universe, and must accept that title with responsibility and respect for ourselves and others.

Saying Thankful Prayers, Chris-T


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