Bumps In The Road

WARNING: If you are a passionate animal lover, DO NOT READ THIS POST. Animals were harmed in this post! Not intentionally of course, but when you live in the country, things happen beyond your control!!

A few weeks ago, my sons girlfriend came to visit. She lives an hour away and sometimes just needs some of “moms food” lol. It was dark as she made her way to our house. It is very known that in our tiny town this time of year, if you are on the road, you WILL share it with the deer.  About 10 minutes away from her estimated arrival time, my phone rings. “Mom, can you come get me???”  Of course I panic and am grabbing my keys as I’m asking “Where are you??!!”  She made it to the local Walmart parking lot before all her antifreeze leaked out and her car began to overheat.  Attack of the deer had struck (literally) once again.  So, after my husband braved driving her car to the local garage (of course it was closed, but thank goodness for knowing “everyone” when living in a tiny town) we took her to our house for her to fill her tummy on some meatball stew and headed for her home…which is two hours round trip…on a school/work night…did I mention my strict schedule through the week with five kids (sigh)??  Anyway, on the way with my husband driving and the two teens in back, we conversed about the things teens usually talk about. Latest social media news, part time job statuses, etc.  Out of nowhere we were surrounded by blue lights. While pulling over trying to figure out what on earth we did wrong, they flew past us like the world was on fire. Of course, that goes into a completely different conversation that I will not divulge, but about a mile up on a straight stretch of interstate we could see all the lights surrounding a minivan.  It did not appear to be an accident, but  while we were trying to figure out what happened, our car made a huge jolt and we became air born.  Looking like a scene from the Dukes of Hazzard our car landed back on all four wheels (or on its rims, at that point I wasn’t sure) leaving me horrified as to what had just occurred.  I was now wearing my coffee and everything (except us) that was securely attached was now all over the car. My husband calmly  says “Oh, thats why they are there”.   The blue lights were checking on the minivan that had struck a deer…..that was still lying in the middle of the interstate….that WE just ran over!!  Thankfully we had no damage. The minivan, not so lucky. As we rode out the next few minutes in silence trying to recover, my husband quietly says “Man, that thing came out of nowhere!?”  My son nonchalantly replied “Of course it did. The dead deer not moving in the middle of the highway came right out of nowhere.”  We erupted into hysterics.  It was the moment of relief we needed. Bumps in the road are going to happen. Mr Newton’s Law proves that. While most days I spend wishing his law would have attached to the bottom of his apple and kept moving right on up through the atmosphere….it didn’t. What goes up, is sure to come down.  My husband describes it like this: “Life is like a scale. There is a constant struggle to find the balance.” My version goes more like this: You never know when your teeter is gonna totter so you better be ready. While me may not be able to predict what cards life is going to deal us, we DO have a choice in how we play them. Sometimes we have a hand of Aces. Other times we have to bluff it till we make it. Either way it is our CHOICE how we handle the bump in the road. After $296 for a new radiator our “bump” was resolved. Was that money that a young college student had to spare?  No, but we handled it. She was not injured and THAT is something you can’t put a price on. 

Contributing Editor:  Bambi Pate-Powell


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