Moms vs. Lego’ life with a 5 year old boy

Well Christmas came and went, and with it came the great blessings of many Lego sets. Superheros with 304 pieces….helicopters with ONLY 297 pieces….what’s a mom to do?? Be blessed and try not to get overwhelmed, its just a 3-D puzzle with picture directions made for a 5 year old to be able to figure out!! I also learned that my son is very capable of putting these things together himself, I on many occasions stepped away for a breather, and found when I returned he had completed several steps on his own. Warning, he will take them apart! Try not to pull out the last head on your hair when you look up, 15 minutes after creating this masterpiece, to find that it is in a gazillion pieces in the floor!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take back a moment of the time it gave my son and I to spend together and learn!!  I was talking to a couple if the mom’s in my son’s class, and they had the same feelings, I thought seriously about starting a support group! We were sympathizing,  swapping ideas and tips,  and I even learned the internet has instructions for most sets! Anyway this lead me to thinking, I had always thought Lego’s was a guy thing. That it was something for Dads and sons to do with their hands while spending quality time together. I wonder when the fulcrum tipped? Or had it always been the moms that did it? Seems more and more in our mixed up world, that the roles change, everyone is just doing whatever it takes to get by in our hurried up world. Most families have both parents working, one or two jobs.  We hardly have time to have dinner together, let alone anything extra. Not sure what we will do when homework is added to the mix. I guess we will build that bridge when we come to it…thanks Lego…I think.


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