The faster I run….

It seems the farther I run away the closer I get to the issue at hand.  Call me crazy, but I just can’t get away from myself these days! Maybe its cabin fever, maybe its all the major life changes I am about to experience, but I find each day a challenge within itself to stay focused and positive.  I am working on living each day to its fullest and appreciating all that I have right before me in this moment. I am fighting the urge to panic and stress out. That fight or flight mechanism is programmed in my brain, way down deep where it has stayed safe and tucked away for all of my life.  I am a “flighter” by nature, when it doesn’t feel right I pick up and run. Quite literally actually. I have left entire lifetimes, families, friendships, careers, and very swiftly disappeared, with great distance as my safety net. But no matter how far I run, I am still there. Along with all my issues that caused me to run in the first  place.  They might take a little while to resurface in my new surroundings, but they always find their way back. You see, I believe The Universe has a way of presenting the lesson again and again until we learn it. (Or in my case, the 2×4 over my head). So I am slowing down a bit these days and trying to listen to myself and reassure myself that everything is going to work out just like it is supposed to.  Telling myself that I am a good person and that I deserve good things, that I have a lot to offer this world and my loved ones. All it takes is one step, be it good, bad, or indifferent, to set the path in motion. One step, slow, deliberate, positively taken to experience , learn, grow and make a difference.
Have a fantastic day!! Christy


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