Here we go again ladies and gentlemen!!  Once again, our reset button has been pushed, and we have renewed faith and hope for…..


Personally, I have set new goals to get in shape, pay more attention to my personal health, do my best to be the best “me” I can be, live and lead by example..

Being a Gemini, this may seem like an impossible goal to obtain.  I am what they call the “typical Gemini”, fickle, up and down, unpredictable, funny, bitchy, loyal to a fault, with a wicked Jekyl and Hyde complex where I can go from 0-60 pure pyscho in no time flat.  My poor family requests that I take meds to help them deal !

Despite all of this, I have an awesome support system, and this year have finally accepted that it is okay to be happy.  I have a great job and a wonderful husband who supports and loves me unconditionally (despite my best efforts to derail him).  I have a great little 6 year old boy and a true friend in my 18 year old daughter.  Even though we are “stuck in Ohio”, I have no desire to move.  I have finally accepted that it is okay to live in the moment and appreciate this time we have been granted.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I finally am enjoying this ride, wherever it takes us…

I wish all of you the best ride ever on this train, and remember…

Often times we think the train has already left the station, but we are here to remind you that there is always a depot.  A place to stop, rest and find yourself in order to re-establish your path in life.

Peace, Love, Hope…





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