Taking down the Christmas tree

  Well, the time has come to take down the Christmas tree. I have tried to convince my husband that we could leave it up all year, (there is a holiday every month),and decorate it appropriately. He is not going for it, so I guess I had better dig out the boxes from the basement and get to work. This year I did not hardly decorate compared to years past, and felt a little guilty for it.  I usually have every tacky dollar store tree find in every nook and cranny.  We are in a different house this year and there really is not room for the junk. I have been trying to de-clutter for some time now, (well actually my whole life). Convincing myself that I do not need to attach myself to things in order to feel self worth has proven to be a difficult task. As I  sit here reflecting on this holiday season, it was the best I have had in years. My 6 yr old son had more than he even cares to play with. Each of us gave and received carefully thought out gifts that we really liked! We all need for nothing, and received more than we could have asked for. Beyond all of the materialistic things, we spent quality time together. We ate, we played games, we watched football.  These are the things I remember most about good times throughout my life. We are blessed beyond measure to have good kids who want to spend time with us. We have good jobs that provide us with more than we need.  Above all, we have the luminosity to appreciate all of this before us, stay in the moment, and know that life is good! Carpe Diem my friends! 


2 Replies to “Taking down the Christmas tree”

  1. I’m one of those who keeps the tree up until mid-January. I did remove the tree skirt yesterday to vacuum around it though, then tidied up the area again so I can enjoy it a while longer!

    Enjoy the space in your house once the tree is out 🙂


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