The Rose Parade

Well I almost broke a long standing tradition of mine.  I forgot to watch The Rose Parade.   Thanks to a text from my sister, who just quickly text: “we are watching the parade, so good!!” Complete panic flew over me, where is the remote?? what am I doing?? The Rose Parade!! The Rose Parade!! We are missing it you guys!! You see, ever since I have been in existance, I have watched The Rose Parade.  It was a tradition with my mom and I, it was our thing.  We loved the creativity and the ingenious ideas that peope put into these floats made out of all organic materials.  It was a pure marvel that they could use rice as snow and beans as dessert and every exotic flower on the planet to make the most beautiful scenes beyond your wildest magination, that were mobile and rolling in a parade no less!!  The Bands that had the honor to play in the parade were the best, and the horses were just beautiful prancing and dancing down the street.  There was none of this production like there is today with the Macy’s Day parade, no shows in front of the judges stand, it is a traditional parade, like parades were meant to be.  Anyway, ever since my mom has been gone, I have continued to watch with my son, in hopes of keeping this tradition alive.  So when I forgot, it got me to thinking.  What happened here?  I like to think it is because I am caught up in my life now. I am happier than I have ever been, and am trying my damnedest to live in this moment.   I felt pretty guilty for a moment, like how could I forget that?  I dont ever want to forget my mom, my heritage, my time with her.  Sometimes it hurts to go back, makes me miss her, so I think my brain diverts my thoughts.  I recently got her cook book out,  and realized that half of the recipes I use, are in that book, things I searched all over the internet to find, were right there in that little book of gold.  I know my mom is laughing ….most of the my stubborn ways..but The Rose Parade rolls on, as we do on these tracks, taking moments along the way (to smell the Roses) at The Depot of Light: A place to stop, rest and find yourself in order to re-establish your path in life.

BTW, I have added a reminder in my phone, computer, calendar and Siri, so that this never, ever happens again!!


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