When’s the last time you wore a tie??

Today, we were talking at work and the subject popped up about how a lot of people just don’t dress up anymore.  The last time the guys in my office had wore a tie (3 guys were asked), was at someone’s funeral.  Which led to the conversation of  “wow, I didn’t realize they had been gone that long”. My true point being, life seems to be going by pretty quickly.  Everyone  seems to have the same opinion, way too fast!! How do we slow ourselves down so that we can enjoy the ride? This train keeps steaming down the tracks, and like my son, I love to hear the sound the train makes when it comes to a stop. “Sssspphhhhiiisssshhhh” as the steam lets out….now I guess I get what he was saying. Metaphorically speaking, he said a lot more than I took in the first time he said it. I have been doing a lot of slowing down and replaying things in my mind here lately, just trying to figure out the bigger picture in life. Sometimes I get so caught up in the hum drum and the who should be doing what, when and how, that I let that train keep barrelling down the tracks, forgetting all about the Depot of light, a place to stop, rest, and re establish your path in life….


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