Festive all year long…

Sometimes I find it difficult to stay festive all year long.  So this weekend I am going to the dollar store and get valentines hearts and such to hang up and put around!  I forget that I have a little one sometimes that would really appreciate those things! It’s one of the fondest memories I have of growing up.  My mom loved to decorate for every occasion! This is the big Super Bowl weekend and I am the queen of snacks! So I am going to make dill dip and veggies and little smokies and that other cheese dip that goes with tortilla chips! And pizza rolls and pigs in a blanket!! Boy, I must be hungry! ! This weekend is also the final Mardi Gras, and so I think Hurricanes and jambalaya may be in order! Thank goodness for Pandora, my kitchen will be Rockin the Mardi Gras station and the spirits will be flowing! Anyway, whatever you are doing to celebrate, go big, and remember, just up ahead there is always The Depot of Light, a place to stop, rest and find yourself again!


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