About the editors

Christy Tubbs

Mom to one awesome 5-year-old boy, she has recently gained an amazing daughter by marriage to her best friend and soul mate, Scott.  She has recently found her voice as a blogger, enlisting her closest allies to help contribute and encourage her to move forward!!   She is an office manager by day, but in her spare time(ha,ha) she enjoys spending time with her family, creating in the kitchen (nailed it,lol) and contemplating life’s many blessings (and curses) with her sister (Linda H.) and her sister from another mother (Bambi).

Bambi Pate-Powell

Mom to five, (yes I said five) amazing kids AND psychiatric nurse for her day job. When she is not helping everyone else find their piece of sanity (while keeping hers) she can be found drinking tons of coffee in her pj’s while talking to her best friend (Christy Tubbs) and cooking southern food.  She is married to Charlie the master of her universe.

Linda H.

The infamous “only friend” to Christy, LInda is Christy’s sister, and closest ally.  She is the mother to two awesome boys and one daughter.  She works in retail for her day job, but her main job has always been the matriarch of her family.  She loves to read and learn new things with regards to The Universe and helping others learn their true calling, through knowing just what to say, at just the right time!!


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