Staying positive is something I have always struggled with. Those close to me know this, and so they do what they can to help me along. All you have to do is look at my facial expression to know what I am thinking. My co-worker calls it “transparent”. I suppose she is correct! So, as of late, I have been talking pretty stern to myself about being positive, and even if I am not “feeling it”, to “fake it” ’til I make it! So I smile and laugh throughout my day, and much to my surprise, it’s working! I actually feel better! You are what you live, and if you stay positive, positive things will happen! You are the only one responsible for your happiness. The quicker you learn “don’t worry, be happy” the better off your world will be! Stay happy my friends!


Festive all year long…

Sometimes I find it difficult to stay festive all year long.  So this weekend I am going to the dollar store and get valentines hearts and such to hang up and put around!  I forget that I have a little one sometimes that would really appreciate those things! It’s one of the fondest memories I have of growing up.  My mom loved to decorate for every occasion! This is the big Super Bowl weekend and I am the queen of snacks! So I am going to make dill dip and veggies and little smokies and that other cheese dip that goes with tortilla chips! And pizza rolls and pigs in a blanket!! Boy, I must be hungry! ! This weekend is also the final Mardi Gras, and so I think Hurricanes and jambalaya may be in order! Thank goodness for Pandora, my kitchen will be Rockin the Mardi Gras station and the spirits will be flowing! Anyway, whatever you are doing to celebrate, go big, and remember, just up ahead there is always The Depot of Light, a place to stop, rest and find yourself again!

Fat Tuesday

Today is Fat Tuesday, marking the end of Mardi Gras, and the beginning of the Lenten season. It occurred to me, that is about the extent if my knowledge or dealings with the whole thing.  I usually like to get a King cake and eat Reuben sandwiches with my coworkers. I am not a “religious” person, I do not participate in lent, or much subscribe to the idea. But I love to participate in all the hoopla that everyone else is.  I want to experience it and not miss out on a minute of all the fun!  In my quest to find myself and reveal the happy, honest, and genuine person I am meant to truly be, I pondered the thought: would my experiences be much greater, more meaningful and fulfilling if my knowledge was more than skin deep? If I did things more for myself than for the sake of not missing out on what everyone else was doing. Since I was a little kid, like most, I have always wanted to be a “cool kid” and I always felt like I missed out because I was a dork.  I always felt like I was the last to know, that I was the brunt of the joke, that someone always knew more than I did, and I was left out.  Today, that’s same feeling haunts me when I am the last to know, or I think I am telling something for the first time, and someone says “I know”.  What I need to learn is, that’s life, and not everything is a personal vendetta against me. It likely has nothing to do with me. So today, I will Google king cakes and lent and enjoy my Fat Tuesday Reuben with the new spirit of enjoying things for me. I won’t miss out on the true meaning of things and rush through the experience just to be a part of the “cool kids” I will make my own experience meaningful!! Happy Fat Tuesday,
Eat, drink, and be merry!!

Easy to please!!

Well, now that the holidays are over, time to reflect. How many of you spent hundreds of dollars on gifts and toys for your loved ones, only to see them hardly touched after the “Magic of Christmas morning?” Well, I think that our society has really taken away from the joy and wonder of Christmas and made it a materialistic holiday that no one really looks forward to at all. For example, Thanksgiving day was a family event where everyone over ate, laid around on the couch and enjoyed the day. Now it has become a family huddle to map out your Black Friday assault on the stores. Then for the next month, it is go, go, shop, spend. Makes you wonder how many children really know what Christmas is all about. Think about all the good everyone could do if they put that much effort into helping their neighbors, their kids school, teaching their kids that what you get for gifts really are not what Christmas is all about. All it does today is bring out the ugly in people. Maybe we should all take a good look at where we as people are heading. The direction is not good!    Contributing Editor- Scott


Switching tracks, switching your mind….

As my nephew put it so many years ago now, just switch your mind….sometimes we find ourselves on the wrong side of the tracks, looking at the negative, instead of the positives that face us everyday.  It is as simple as switching your mind, changing your view on things, realizing the good that comes out of every situation. Everyday is a new opportunity to re-write your chapter, make this the best day yet!! Switch your mind and remember this train ride has a happy destination for us, and with each new challenge there is a depot that holds new lessons if we will stop, listen and accept the grace that the Universe presents us with each day!

The impact our words have on others….

We can do anything we set our mind to, but without the encouragement and support from others in our circle, we would not be able to take that first step to set the new path in motion.  We all can think of a time when a simple smile or positive reinforcement caused us to look up and take that step forward to a better day ahead.   Many times we have no idea the impact we have on others.  Most of us say things to others, off the cuff, not thinking a thing of how it could impact the other person, or people it is directed to.  It may be a simple thought, as we are going through our day, a smile as you pass by, or a long dissertation solicited from a close friend.  We need to remember we must be mindful in each of these situations, and take care in our words of encouragement, advise and opinions.  We never know what another person is experiencing that affects their perception of our best intentions.  After all, we are masters of our Universe, and must accept that title with responsibility and respect for ourselves and others.

Saying Thankful Prayers, Chris-T

How About Happy New…Day???

Ok, so I have never been known for my political correctness. I blame it on my good ol’ Southern roots. I am very proud to be a “Bama Belle” born and raised. We believe in second chances, saying bless your heart, and that there “ain’t” nothing (yes that IS a real word) that your momma’s chicken-n-dumplins and sweet tea can’t fix. From a scraped knee to a broken heart, those two things can mend the world. (and thats the truth as sure as I’m sittin here!)  We do things a little slower here in the South.  With that said, I started thinking about all the nostalgia behind New Year’s.  All the resolutions from weight loss, smoking cessation, more exercise, less junk food…and all this gets decided for the whole year in ONE day??!!  For Pete’s sake!!! (If you don’t know Pete then just find you a good ol Southerner and they will introduce you) Wheeeew…stresses me out!!  So you know what I will be resolving for this year?  NOTHING!  What I will do is be happy TODAY. One of my favorite passages from one of my favorite books says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has its own worries.  Matthew 6:34”  Today I will be happy. Today I will eat some black eyed peas and greens cause that’s just what we do here. Today I will watch the best team on earth play football (Roll Tide) cause we do that here too (and if by some chance you don’t, well…it’s gonna take more than me to bless your heart!) and I am going to love spending the day with my family. THAT’S IT!!  As for everything else…well, as one of my favorite Southern ladies says it best: “I’ll worry bout that tomorrow”–Scarlett O’Hara

Happy New Day everyone…and every one that follows tomorrow. : )

Contributing Editor:  Bambi Powell