Staying positive is something I have always struggled with. Those close to me know this, and so they do what they can to help me along. All you have to do is look at my facial expression to know what I am thinking. My co-worker calls it “transparent”. I suppose she is correct! So, as of late, I have been talking pretty stern to myself about being positive, and even if I am not “feeling it”, to “fake it” ’til I make it! So I smile and laugh throughout my day, and much to my surprise, it’s working! I actually feel better! You are what you live, and if you stay positive, positive things will happen! You are the only one responsible for your happiness. The quicker you learn “don’t worry, be happy” the better off your world will be! Stay happy my friends!


Festive all year long…

Sometimes I find it difficult to stay festive all year long.  So this weekend I am going to the dollar store and get valentines hearts and such to hang up and put around!  I forget that I have a little one sometimes that would really appreciate those things! It’s one of the fondest memories I have of growing up.  My mom loved to decorate for every occasion! This is the big Super Bowl weekend and I am the queen of snacks! So I am going to make dill dip and veggies and little smokies and that other cheese dip that goes with tortilla chips! And pizza rolls and pigs in a blanket!! Boy, I must be hungry! ! This weekend is also the final Mardi Gras, and so I think Hurricanes and jambalaya may be in order! Thank goodness for Pandora, my kitchen will be Rockin the Mardi Gras station and the spirits will be flowing! Anyway, whatever you are doing to celebrate, go big, and remember, just up ahead there is always The Depot of Light, a place to stop, rest and find yourself again!

When’s the last time you wore a tie??

Today, we were talking at work and the subject popped up about how a lot of people just don’t dress up anymore.  The last time the guys in my office had wore a tie (3 guys were asked), was at someone’s funeral.  Which led to the conversation of  “wow, I didn’t realize they had been gone that long”. My true point being, life seems to be going by pretty quickly.  Everyone  seems to have the same opinion, way too fast!! How do we slow ourselves down so that we can enjoy the ride? This train keeps steaming down the tracks, and like my son, I love to hear the sound the train makes when it comes to a stop. “Sssspphhhhiiisssshhhh” as the steam lets out….now I guess I get what he was saying. Metaphorically speaking, he said a lot more than I took in the first time he said it. I have been doing a lot of slowing down and replaying things in my mind here lately, just trying to figure out the bigger picture in life. Sometimes I get so caught up in the hum drum and the who should be doing what, when and how, that I let that train keep barrelling down the tracks, forgetting all about the Depot of light, a place to stop, rest, and re establish your path in life….

Taking down the Christmas tree

  Well, the time has come to take down the Christmas tree. I have tried to convince my husband that we could leave it up all year, (there is a holiday every month),and decorate it appropriately. He is not going for it, so I guess I had better dig out the boxes from the basement and get to work. This year I did not hardly decorate compared to years past, and felt a little guilty for it.  I usually have every tacky dollar store tree find in every nook and cranny.  We are in a different house this year and there really is not room for the junk. I have been trying to de-clutter for some time now, (well actually my whole life). Convincing myself that I do not need to attach myself to things in order to feel self worth has proven to be a difficult task. As I  sit here reflecting on this holiday season, it was the best I have had in years. My 6 yr old son had more than he even cares to play with. Each of us gave and received carefully thought out gifts that we really liked! We all need for nothing, and received more than we could have asked for. Beyond all of the materialistic things, we spent quality time together. We ate, we played games, we watched football.  These are the things I remember most about good times throughout my life. We are blessed beyond measure to have good kids who want to spend time with us. We have good jobs that provide us with more than we need.  Above all, we have the luminosity to appreciate all of this before us, stay in the moment, and know that life is good! Carpe Diem my friends! 


Here we go again ladies and gentlemen!!  Once again, our reset button has been pushed, and we have renewed faith and hope for…..


Personally, I have set new goals to get in shape, pay more attention to my personal health, do my best to be the best “me” I can be, live and lead by example..

Being a Gemini, this may seem like an impossible goal to obtain.  I am what they call the “typical Gemini”, fickle, up and down, unpredictable, funny, bitchy, loyal to a fault, with a wicked Jekyl and Hyde complex where I can go from 0-60 pure pyscho in no time flat.  My poor family requests that I take meds to help them deal !

Despite all of this, I have an awesome support system, and this year have finally accepted that it is okay to be happy.  I have a great job and a wonderful husband who supports and loves me unconditionally (despite my best efforts to derail him).  I have a great little 6 year old boy and a true friend in my 18 year old daughter.  Even though we are “stuck in Ohio”, I have no desire to move.  I have finally accepted that it is okay to live in the moment and appreciate this time we have been granted.

I have so much to be thankful for, and I finally am enjoying this ride, wherever it takes us…

I wish all of you the best ride ever on this train, and remember…

Often times we think the train has already left the station, but we are here to remind you that there is always a depot.  A place to stop, rest and find yourself in order to re-establish your path in life.

Peace, Love, Hope…




Be thankful and your light will shine!

Its been a long time since I have posted on here, and so I just felt compelled to say how thankful I am for everything and everyone who is in my life!  Somedays we get de-railed for one reason or another, and here lately I have had to stop at the Depot and rest a minute to truly assess my surroundings and realize just how thankful I am for all that has come my way!  The blessings are many, and the light that shines within me is remarkable! Fantastic my friends, simply fantastic!! 

The faster I run….

It seems the farther I run away the closer I get to the issue at hand.  Call me crazy, but I just can’t get away from myself these days! Maybe its cabin fever, maybe its all the major life changes I am about to experience, but I find each day a challenge within itself to stay focused and positive.  I am working on living each day to its fullest and appreciating all that I have right before me in this moment. I am fighting the urge to panic and stress out. That fight or flight mechanism is programmed in my brain, way down deep where it has stayed safe and tucked away for all of my life.  I am a “flighter” by nature, when it doesn’t feel right I pick up and run. Quite literally actually. I have left entire lifetimes, families, friendships, careers, and very swiftly disappeared, with great distance as my safety net. But no matter how far I run, I am still there. Along with all my issues that caused me to run in the first  place.  They might take a little while to resurface in my new surroundings, but they always find their way back. You see, I believe The Universe has a way of presenting the lesson again and again until we learn it. (Or in my case, the 2×4 over my head). So I am slowing down a bit these days and trying to listen to myself and reassure myself that everything is going to work out just like it is supposed to.  Telling myself that I am a good person and that I deserve good things, that I have a lot to offer this world and my loved ones. All it takes is one step, be it good, bad, or indifferent, to set the path in motion. One step, slow, deliberate, positively taken to experience , learn, grow and make a difference.
Have a fantastic day!! Christy

(Not really) De-railed

I haven’t taken the time to post on here lately, and I am aggravated at myself for that.  See, I promised myself when I started this blog, that I would post everyday, and NOT let life get in the way.  Well, turns out old habits die hard.  But I also promised myself that I would stop being so hard on myself, and no more finding reasons to beat myself up.    So here I go, each day is a new day, a chance to start over.   I have so many reasons to be thankful and so many new things happening in my world.  I am blessed beyond my years and the happiest I have ever allowed myself to be.  Here is to Valentine’s Day, a day set aside to tell those you Love what they mean to you.  Each day should be Valentine’s Day, never let a day go by without sharing your love, your heart and your REAL you.
Have a fantastic day,